L'Arc de DAVIDOR Pendant PM, 18k Yellow Gold

18k Yellow Gold Pendant - Adjustable Chain (42cm/40cm) - Unique Serial Number - Hallmark "Joaillerie de France" - Made in France


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The signature L'Arc de DAVIDOR Pendant PM in 18k Yellow Gold. This handcrafted necklace features the iconic repetitive DAVIDOR Arch pattern. The necklace is adjustable and can be worn in either 42cm or 40cm length and features the unique DAVIDOR Arch Clasp and DAVIDOR Arch Mini ID Tag. Crafted by hand in DAVIDOR's Paris Atelier.




Inspired by the architecture of Italy’s Palladian villas and France’s Place Vendôme, the arch is the emblematic symbol of DAVIDOR®. The unisex collection features the arch pattern repeated ad infinitum in gold cloisonné and lacquer in a variety of colors: Davidor Bordeaux, Caviar, Neige, Cognac, and so on. With the addition of sparkling diamonds, L’Arc de Davidor becomes a high jewelry collection.